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SABL has decided to invest money in individuals that have expressed interest in coaching baseball, softball, both or Quick Ball. The SABL Board of Directors realize that our coaches are our #1 resource. We need to equip our coaches with tools, techniques, drills, etc. to make them the best they and Souderton Area Baseball and Softball can be. We greatly appreciate all that our coaches have done and continue to do for the youth in our organization. Ultimately, if coaches are running effective and efficient practices and games, this will lead to an increase in participant interest and skill development.

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Join us for SABL Day at the Iron Pigs !!

What:  Iron Pigs vs. Bisons

Where:  Coca-Cola Park

When:  Sunday, April 28th

Time:  1:35 pm

Cost:  Stadium Seats - $15  Lawn Seats:  $10

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Souderton's own Paige Guinther Phillies home Run Derby Champion!

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    You Positive?

    By Jordan Serena 03/10/2018, 11:30am EST

    It’s no secret that hitting a baseball is up there as one of the most difficult things you can do as a human being. The game makes us suck, especially as hitters. Shoot, we only get 60 ft. to see a little white circle and try to hit it with a round bat somewhere no one can catch it. Oh, and the ball's coming in as fast as 100 mph. Sounds fun! Definitely. Sounds hard, too! Even more so.

    Well it’s no wonder why we get so frustrated on a regular basis. Think about it, the best hitters at the highest level of baseball have a mere 30% success rate (.300 BA). I challenge you to find another profession where you wouldn’t get fired after only doing your job successfully 3 out of 10 times...and no one is happy when they don't succeed.

    No doubt you've heard all of this before. So what’s that mean for baseball players?

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