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    Souderton Baseball and Softball League Home Run Derby/All-Star Weekend

    After a long week of rain and unusually cold weather, the Souderton Area Baseball and Softball League (SABL) started the weekend with its day-long home run derby/all-star games contests.   As spectators basked in the sun, over 100 boys and girls hit ten pitches apiece as far as possible to earn a spot in the July, 2019 regional home run derby contest by finishing in the top three per age category. 


    The girls home run derby top three finishers were Leah Moyer, Katie Staub, and Hailey Cusano for the 7-8-year-old girls; Sarah Chew, Isabella Brown, and  Mariah Barberio were the 9-10-year-old top contestants.   The boys 7-8-year-old derby was won by Cedric De Bussy with Maxwell Potson, and Madsen Cendalli  finishing second and third respectively.   The top three boys 9-10-year-old were Evan Divens, Johnny Bywra, and Melvin Reyes.   Finally, the boys 11-12-year-old competition was won by Ryan Burke with Benjamin Divens placing second, and Danny Barrington finishing in third place.   


    Ms. Christa Klitsch, Softball Vice President and home run derby co-organizer observed, “this is a great day for our girls and boys to display their batting skills in front of their teammates and parents.   The high turnout speaks to the enthusiasm of our players and parents. ”


    After completion of the home run derby,  the SABL all-stars took to the field.  The Pony all-star game  turned into a slugfest with the Souderton Nationals beating the Souderton Americans 15 to 10.  From the packed sidelines fans from both teams cheered the boys on.  The parents of two first-year all stars summed up the game for each team.   As stated by Ms. Sally Gerth the mother of first-year all-star Charlie Gerth, “this is Charlie’s second year in SABL.  He has a lot of fun and made many friends as a result of his participation in SABL.”   Ms. Adina Thomas, mother of Harrison Thomas age 8, commented, “This is Harrison’s third year playing with SABL.  His baseball skills have markedly improved since the beginning of the season.  Most importantly, and due to the mentoring of his coaches, Harrison is developing leadership skills, eagerly looks forward to practices and games, and assists his younger teammates whenever possible. “    Gabby Hirschmann, a 14-year-old 8th grader from Indian Crest Middle School  brought the crowd to its feet with an inspiring singing of the national anthem.  


    More information regarding SABL is available below on our webpage, or on our Facebook page:   Souderton Area Baseball and Softball League

    Photos of our Home Run Derby winners!

    • 6-8 Year Old Girls
    • 9-10 Year Old Girls
    • 6-8 Year Old Boys
    • 9-10 Year Old Boys
    • 10-12 Year Old Boys

    Contact Us Souderton Area Baseball and Softball League

    Souderton Area Baseball and Softball League

    Phone: 215-872-9649

    Quickball News

    We wanted to share some exciting news from USA Quickball.


    USA Quickball is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new E-commerce website! After two months of hard work and dedication, they are delighted to officially announce the launch occurred on June 7. The new site is available and the URL is

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    Their goal with this new website is to provide their customers an easier way to purchase Official USA Quickball products, also to allow the visitor to browse information based on their own choice. Their current and prospective customers will find excellent shopping experience on the website.

    Future SABL Coaching Opportunities

    SABL has decided to invest money in individuals that have expressed interest in coaching baseball, softball, both or Quick Ball. The SABL Board of Directors realize that our coaches are our #1 resource. We need to equip our coaches with tools, techniques, drills, etc. to make them the best they and Souderton Area Baseball and Softball can be. We greatly appreciate all that our coaches have done and continue to do for the youth in our organization. Ultimately, if coaches are running effective and efficient practices and games, this will lead to an increase in participant interest and skill development.

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    Congratulations to the

    Winners of the Annual

    Phillies Home Run Derby :

    Softball 7 & 8:

    1st - Leah Moyer

    2nd - Katie Straub

    3rd - Hailey Cusano

    Congratulations to the

    Winners of the Annual

    Phillies Home Run Derby :

    Softball 9 & 10:

    1st - Sara Chew

    2nd - Isabella Brown

    3rd - Mariah Barberio

    Congratulations to the

    Winners of the Annual

    Phillies Home Run Derby :

    Baseball 7 & 8:

    1st - Cedric de Bussy

    2nd - Maxwell Potson

    3rd - Madsen Cendalli

    Congratulations to the

    Winners of the Annual

    Phillies Home Run Derby :

    Baseball 9 & 10:

    1st - Evan Divens

    2nd - Johnny Bywra

    3rd - Melvin Reyes

    Congratulations to the

    Winners of the Annual

    Phillies Home Run Derby :

    Baseball 11 & 12:

    1st - Ryan Burke

    2nd - Benjamin Divens

    3rd - Danny Barrington

      Updates & News

      You Positive?

      By Jordan Serena 03/10/2018, 11:30am EST

      It’s no secret that hitting a baseball is up there as one of the most difficult things you can do as a human being. The game makes us suck, especially as hitters. Shoot, we only get 60 ft. to see a little white circle and try to hit it with a round bat somewhere no one can catch it. Oh, and the ball's coming in as fast as 100 mph. Sounds fun! Definitely. Sounds hard, too! Even more so.

      Well it’s no wonder why we get so frustrated on a regular basis. Think about it, the best hitters at the highest level of baseball have a mere 30% success rate (.300 BA). I challenge you to find another profession where you wouldn’t get fired after only doing your job successfully 3 out of 10 times...and no one is happy when they don't succeed.

      No doubt you've heard all of this before. So what’s that mean for baseball players?

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